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Yes, stats are important however in the first days you need to keep the content flowing which will provide longer term benefits for you and your blog Samba Consulting provide engineering consulting services. The services offered by Samba Consulting include all things, Social Media Affiliate Marketing and Blogging online.

I personally have found that in case you take a step back out of the stats, and lets face it nobody really is that keen on looking at the graph that does not move, and put the energy into promoting your site and writing compelling content you will get far superior results More importantly you will wind up into a blogging routine that will ensure that you continue to post regularly which will help keep the visitors you do get informed and engaged.

You will most likely do what I did and become a routine of checking these stats in an almost hourly basis. lee mas This is where things begin to go wrong! The stats aren’t moving, your visitors is low and your bounce rate is through the roof. Panic sets in and you begin to wonder before long you will begin to hate your blog and blogging and why you bothered. Yet you keep assessing those stats every day, willing them to move in right direction and they don’t! Sound familiar?

This is fundamentally the trap which I got myself into during early days of the site and frankly it throws your blogging/writing way off course. I spent getting down long twisting over stats and despondent because they weren’t moving in the direction I needed that I lost the will. Sri Lanka Visa Net effect? I was at best posting once a fortnight which kills your blog stone dead. I am not suggesting that traffic is not important but you can get to the point in an state over traffic where you lose all focus and your writing suffers and you end up in this vicious circle of no content, no visitors. It takes time, energy and effort to acquire content and then visitors to your own website. More on: bahrain visa cost

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