Kenya has a long history, people from 52 distinct tribes, many places for wildlife and adventure, making it an perfect tourist destination. Before shutting the Kenyan border it’s extremely important to have a visa. Visas are valid for thirty days and now, it is possible to easily get the details on line from the Kenya Embassy. UK all commonwealth states and Canada visitors do not need visas. You may have a single entry visa if you just need to explore adventures or have a multiple visa, and in this case you will tour Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

The very ideal time for you to travel and revel in your vacation is during the rainy season. In this period, the roads are accessible and you will have a chance to view animals. Kenya experiences two rainy seasons in a year. Although the short rains arrive in November, the extended rains come between May and March. This time isn’t perfect for travelling because some streets and parks are not accessible. Infrastructure is not really good especially in the itineraries and you will encounter shrub pit holes and police road blocks that are harsh. I would suggest that you stop driving at night because accidents that are unnecessary could be caused by you. Always keep the windows closed to keep car Thieves and pickpockets off while driving in the city center.

A safari to Kenya can hardly succeed without the help of tour operators, because they have the the information that you need regarding this country’s beauty. When dealing with tour operators, You’ve got to be very keen. Always opt for those that are experienced and trained to be able to fulfill requirements and all your wants. Remember, it’s simply a tour operator who will meet, shield and offer you a life adventure and other visitors come for more. Its highly recommended to have immunization against diseases like meningitis, diphtheria, hepatitis A and typhoid, yellow fever. There’s also a high risk of Malaria in most parts of the country, so, be sure to have the perfect anti-malaria medicine.

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